Iron maiden history
Iron maiden were found in the late 1970's by the bass guitarist Steve Harris. There have been much changes in the linup, the band had much singer drummers and guitarists until they had settled for there album Iron maiden in 1980. the line-up was Harris, bass, Paul Di'anno, vocals, Dave Murray and Dennis Stratton, guitar and clive burr, drums.In the second album Killers in 1981 was stratton replaced with Adrian Smith.
When they made their third album The number of the beast, Di'anno was replaced with Bruce Dickenson.

When they made their fourth album, Piece of mind, came a new drummer, Nicko Mcbrain.
With this line-up they played several years with every album a memorable one.
Then they made another album called Powerslave in 1984 and later they made their first live album Live after death. In 1986 they released "Somewhere in time" wich contained memorable tracks like somewhere in time, wasted years and stranger in a strange land. And again they made a great album, Seventh son of a seventh son in 1988.
after this Adrian Smith left.

When Adrian Smith left they had to find a new guitarist. They eventually settled on Janick Gers, the album then in 1990 No prayer for the dying had more a feeling of Killers, it contained good tracks like tailgunner and No prayer for the dying.
In 1992 Fear of the dark was recorded with great songs like from fear of the dark. This was Dickenson's last studio album with Iron maiden. He sang on the 3 live albums wich came over the next year, A real Dead one, A real live one and live atdonnington 1992.

Now that Dickinson left Iron maiden needed a singer. They then found Blaze Bayley.
They made two albums since 1995, the x factor. Later on they made, in 1998, Virtual XI with such tracks as Futureal, The clansman and The angel and the gambler and also When two worlds collide.

Later Bruce Dickenson, vocals and Adrian Smith rejoined the band.
Then they made the album Brave new world with great songs like Brave new world, Bloodbrothers, The mercenary and Gosth of the navigator